11 of the best beaches in Florida

Palm fronds rustle gently in the breeze as sparkling blue waves kiss the shoreline, scattering sandpipers across the warm, white sand beach. Lifting your sunglasses, your eyes struggle against blinding rays to catch a glimpse of gulls and pelicans dive-bombing for afternoon snacks.

This is Florida, where no matter how you define fun-in-the-sun, one – or a couple dozen – of its almost 200 gorgeous beaches will surely be a perfect fit. Gallop through crashing waves, beachcomb for washed-up treasures, welcome your day with sunrise yoga, marvel at sea turtles nesting in the sand, or grab a board and tackle some monster swells. It’s all right here.

A solo figure dips his toes in the sea on a beach at the edge of a fortress
Find solitude on the beaches of Dry Tortugas National Park © Eddie Brady / Getty Images

1. Dry Tortugas National Park

Best secluded beach

Hop aboard a ferry (or seaplane) from Key West and soak up the sun, cruising 70 miles of sparkling, emerald-green waters to the secluded paradise of Dry Tortugas National Park. Once there, mosey through Fort Jefferson, teeming with military history, or head straight for its dreamy, white-powder sands. Snorkel the shallow waters exploring the coral reef, or just cozy up with a good book and embrace peaceful solitude.

2. Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Best peaceful beach

Another quiet retreat, the unsigned Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge, hides at the north end of Jupiter Island, just past Hobe Sound Beach (often packed with loud kids and teenagers). Escape the racket and treat your feet to a gorgeous two-mile beach stroll along its deserted sandy shores.

Detour: Many celebrities call Jupiter Island home; it’s always fun strolling or biking down Beach Road checking out eye-catching mansions – many un-gated and easy-to-see. Tiger Woods lives here, and previous residents include Celine Dion, Alan Jackson and Burt Reynolds.

A white-sand beach with flora
Time it right, and you can catch turtle hatching season on Melbourne Beach © dosecreative / Getty Images

3. Melbourne Beach

Best beach for watching sea turtles

Take a romantic stroll along Melbourne Beach during nesting season (May to October), as moonlit skies cast spotlights upon determined sea turtles crawling ever-so-slowly to lay eggs at the top of this wide beach. Around 50 to 60 days later, hatchlings struggle back to the sandy shoreline.

Local tip: Ditch the flashlights and maintain comfortable space to avoid disturbing the turtles.

4. Treasure Shores Park

Best beach for treasure hunting

The Treasure Coast earned its name for a reason. Valuables continue to wash ashore from countless nearby shipwrecks. Any beach along Hutchinson Island is ripe for harvesting tidal gifts, but my favorite is Treasure Shores Park near Sebastian. Just offshore is the resting place of a treasure-laden Spanish galleon that sank during a hurricane in 1715.

Detour: Visit nearby McLarty Treasure Museum to view many impressive artifacts recovered from the ocean’s depths. Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum in Sebastian boasts a bounty of treasures collected by this family of professional shipwreck salvagers. Rent metal detectors from its gift shop (which also sells actual treasures!) and sift for your own riches.

A curving beach under cloudy skies with blue sky above
If you like beachcombing, you’ll love spending some time on Sanibel Island © Justin Foulkes / Lonely Planet

5. Sanibel Island

Best shelling beach

Known as “the shelling capital of the world,” beaches of Sanibel Island (including Bowman’s Beach and Blind Pass Beach) offer a treasure trove of almost 400 species of shells. Do the “Sanibel Stoop,” prospecting for lightning whelks, prickly cockles, and jingle shells.

Local tip: New to shelling? Book a guided tour with Captain Brian Holaway, a certified naturalist, who’ll have you knowing your conchs from your whelks in no time.

6. Haulover Beach

Best mainstream clothing-optional beach

Ready to let warm ocean breezes caress your skin – and shed those unsightly tan lines? While most naturist beaches are intentionally secluded, Haulover Beach, between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, has no shame. It’s like a mainstream beach… just without clothes. No matter your age or shape, you are free to strut your stuff at this judgment-free, family-friendly beach (its patrolling ambassadors ensure that fun remains “clean”).

Planning tip: Parking at Haulover Beach costs $7 on weekdays, $10 on weekends and holidays.

7. Playalinda Beach

Best discreet nudist beach

If you prefer a bit more discretion, the remote white sand beaches of Playalinda Beach, inside Canaveral National Seashore are more reserved. Although nudity is forbidden in Brevard County, the secluded stretch north of parking lot #13 is a de facto nude beach, sanctioned by official signs.

Local tip: Pack whatever you’ll need, including lots of water and sunblock, as the amenities here consist of just portable toilets in the parking lots. Passes to Canaveral National Seashore cost $25/week, $45 seasonally.

A sunrise over a beach pier with the silhouettes of two adults walking on the beach
Once a destination for hippies, Lake Worth Beach is now great for families © Shutterstock

8. Lake Worth Beach

Best family beach

Once a popular gathering spot for free-spirited hippies, Lake Worth Beach continues to bop to a Bohemian beat. But these days, its gorgeous white sand beach is light on partying and heavy on family vibes, man. Surrounded by shops, restaurants and ice cream huts, kids won’t go hungry here – and there are plenty of washrooms and showers, too. From fishing from its spectacular pier to building fortresses in the sand or hitting the waves with a boogie board, it’s endless family fun.

9. Frederick Douglass Park

Best beach for horseback rides

Whether you’re a diehard romantic or want to role-play thundering scenes from Game of Thrones, almost everyone has envisioned themselves riding horseback through crashing waves, the sea breeze blowing wildly through your hair. Well, saddle up and head to Frederick Douglass Park in Fort Pierce, the only beach in south Florida where hooves can hit the sand. A guided 1.5-mile-long trail rides take riders (including beginners) along stunning, secluded shores, where an abundance of sea life graces the sands.

An outdoor live music venue next to the beach
The “Bandshell” is Hollywood Beach’s outdoor music venue © felixmizioznikov / Getty Images

10. Hollywood Beach

Best party beach

Since South Beach gets all the attention, I’ll nominate Hollywood Beach as Florida’s beach party central. Stroll or bike its beachfront Broadwalk, and it won’t take long to feel the burning party vibe. Lined with tiki bars, al fresco restaurants, t-shirt shops and ice-cream parlors, skateboarders whiz between pedestrians, as buskers juggle, sing and dance. Quiet in the morning, surfers invade by afternoon, and energy peaks after dusk when evening concerts rock the Bandshell, an outdoor music venue. This is quintessential Florida beach life.

Local tip: If you’ve always wanted to learn to surf, here’s your chance, dude! Margaritaville Beach Resort has FlowRider, a safe, wave-controlled simulator.

11. Jupiter Dog Beach

Best dog beach

Dog lovers are in great company at Jupiter Dog Beach, where owners are as friendly as their pets. Dogs run leash-free along two-and-a-half miles of shell-covered sand, aqua-blue waters lapping their paws. The area’s super clean, with free parking, free poop bags, plenty of trash bins and washing stations.

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