2023 Munich motor show report and gallery: every car revealed

However, it isn’t being shown as a Vauxhall at Munich because the UK is the only market to receive Vauxhall-branded cars. Instead, it wears the lightning-bolt logo and the wordmark of sibling Opel.

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Volkswagen ID GTI

We’d like to give you a warm welcome to the future of Volkswagen GTI, and it starts right here, right now. 

The ID GTI will be the electric successor to the Volkswagen Golf GTI, both in spirit and styling. A headliner at this year’s show, the compact front-wheel-drive hot hatch is earmarked to head Volkswagen’s new entry-level electric car line-up with a front-mounted electric motor, specially tuned sport suspension, traditional GTI design elements and a price tag expected to start at around €30,000 (£26,000).

VW CEO Thomas Schäfer said the production version of the ID GTI would be revealed in 2026 and be on sale in early 2027. 

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Volkswagen ID 7 GTX

Volkswagen ID 7 GTX teaser image showing headlight, rear light and side mirror

Volkswagen’s answer to the Tesla Model 3 Performance will be unveiled at Munich, introducing a new dual-motor, four-wheel-drive powertrain.

Autocar understands this will pair the base model’s 282bhp and 402lb ft rear motor with the front-mounted unit from the ID 4 GTX, giving a combined output of around 390bhp.

This should substantially reduce the ID 7’s 0-62mph time of around 6.0sec in Pro S guise, although it’s unlikely to match the Model 3 Performance’s 3.3sec.

The upgrade is, however, expected to bring a slight reduction to the ID 7’s 435-mile range (in 86kWh specification), to around 400 miles.

Visually, the GTX will be distinguished by gloss black accents (including the roof), tinted windows and red-contrasting trim elements – in similar fashion to the GTI line of combustion-engined VWs.

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