2024 Renault Scenic goes electric with 385-mile range

Renault has also reworked the pre-conditioning functions, and reduced the optimal operating temperature of the battery. Notably, unlike with the Megane, a heat pump will be standard on all models. Four levels of brake regeneration are offered.

Standard models can fast charge at speeds of up to 130kW, rising to 150kW for the larger battery. Buyers can choose from 7kW or 22kW on-board AC chargers.

Renault claims that up to 24% of the materials in the Scenic are recycled, including up to 80% of the aluminium in the doors and bonnet, while the firm has focused on developing ‘closed loop’ streams.

The cockpit is 26% recycled plastic, while around 80% of the dashboard materials are recycled. The aim is that 90% of the car, including the battery, can be recycled at the end of its life. 

Three trim levels will be offered, including a new Esprit Alpine trim that features sporting cues inspired by Renault’s performance brand. The Scenic does not use any leather, with Renault having committed to phasing out its use entirely by 2025.

In its place, the steering wheel features a grained coated fabric that uses 51% bio-sourced material, while those in the Esprit Alpine trim use fabric made from 80% reprocessed bottles and 20% old seatbelts.

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