72% of US male consumers between 18 and 34 use makeup, says Mintel survey

Global market research firm Mintel has reported that nearly half of US male consumers use cosmetic products. The data provides insights into the changing landscape of the cosmetics and beauty industry in the US men’s grooming sector. As the industry bears witness to a dramatic shift in consumer attitudes and behaviors, the research reveals that traditional stereotypes surrounding masculinity are being challenged and are giving way to a more diverse and inclusive market.

We spoke to Carson Kitzmiller, Senior Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel, to learn more about Mintel’s research on the evolving preferences and habits of male consumers in the US. Kitzmiller provided insights into what the data reveals: a paradigm shift in consumer behavior and the factors driving these changes, ranging from increased social media exposure to a growing emphasis on holistic wellness.

Kitzmiller’s professional career includes experience at personal care product retailer Bath & Body Works, roles in the beauty contract manufacturing industry, product development and project management, and, most recently, with Mintel’s beauty and personal care categories in the US market.

Data sourcing & key takeaways

To source and analyze the data used to inform Mintel’s recent reports, “Mintel commissioned exclusive consumer research through Kantar Profiles to explore consumer consumption and attitudes toward color cosmetics” and was “responsible for the survey design, data analysis, and reporting,” said Kitzmiller. Surveys were conducted online in November 2023 “among a sample of 2,000 adults aged 18+ with access to the internet,” she shared. Respondents were selected “by gender, age, household income, region, race, ethnicity, and parental status so that they are proportionally representative of the US adult population using the internet,” she explained.

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