AIGOLD: Where Blockchain and AI Meet Physical Gold

The cryptocurrency market has undoubtedly ventured into the mainstream throughout the past couple of years, but it has recently found itself at the forefront of another digital revolution: the one caused by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is expected to send ripples across markets far beyond crypto, and the signs are already here: tech giants and moguls like Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon are already spending hundreds of millions to best position themselves for the future.

At the same time, though, those who have been in crypto long enough know that there’s a constant comparison between Bitcoin and gold. Some are even going so far as to call the cryptocurrency digital gold – highlighting the resemblance and interest in store-of-value offerings that transcend the physical limitations of the precious metal.

This is where AIGOLD steps into the picture – a project that aims to combine the best of both worlds.

What is AIGOLD?

According to the project’s Gold Paper, the aim is to integrate artificial intelligence and cryptography into a system that’s going to elevate the company’s Gold Recovery Project in the Bering Sea area to new heights. The goal is to use an AI-integrated Exploration Recovery Vessel (ERV), packed with state-of-the-art equipment to locate and, subsequently – extract gold from the area.

In essence, the AIG token will play an important role in the ecosystem of the company’s gold recovery mining operation. The goal is to leverage blockchain and AI to drive growth as the mining operation progresses.

What is AIGOLD’s Buy/Sell Tax Reward System?

AIGOLD is the first crypto token to offer an automatic buy/sell tax reward paid in PAXG.  PAXG is a digital stablecoin that is backed by physical gold.  According to the official website, each PAXG token is backed by one fine troy ounce of gold and safeguarded in LBMA vaults in London.

Once the AIGOLD token is launched, PAXG becomes an automated buy/sell tax reward.  Payout of PAXG is built into the AIGOLD contract so that of the 6% buy tax, 5% is split among AIG holders; likewise, of the 9% sell tax, 5% is once again split among the AIG holders.  In essence, the team says that the buy and sell tax reward mechanism is built into the contract in a way where the tax amount goes toward purchasing PAXG from the official PAXG contract and then distributing it to all the wallets which hold AIG. For more information, users can refer to the AIGOLD Gold Paper on their website at

In addition to receiving PAXG, all “AIG NFT Mining Permit” holders will also share in the annual profits of the gold recovery operation.

AIGOLD offers investors a ‘cost-effective’ way to get exposure to investment-grade physical gold and also reap the benefits that blockchain-based technology delivers.

AIGOLD Utility

The AIG team has identified one of the largest gold deposits in the Bering Sea.  This deposit could yield untold wealth for generations to come and with the advancements of artificial intelligence and technology available, the AIGOLD  team is going all in and going for the gold.

Ways to Get and Earn Gold

One of the ways to start collecting the precious metal is by simply holding AIG tokens.  The team has just announced a stealth presale launch which will have 12 stages.  Getting in early, not only gives you the best price, but also allows buys with no tax during presale.

CyberTruck Giveaway and More

If the lure of gold is not enough for you to check out AIGOLD at, then how about a Cybertruck giveaway competition?  AIGOLD is hosting a contest with a grand prize of a Tesla Cybertruck!  In addition to the grand prize, there are 20 total prizes starting with $10,000 worth of AIG tokens.  For details on all prizes and how to enter, check them out at

For any additional information and more details on AIGOLD, take a look at their official website.

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