APTO Skincare ‘expands mass market footprint’ with CVS BIRL program

Woman-owned vegan skin care company APTO Skincare has recently been accepted into CVS’s Beauty in Real Life Program (BIRL) program. Launched in 2018, the BIRL program operates as “a shop-in-shop that features an expanded and redesigned beauty department and mini beauty services through an exclusive partnership with GlamSquad, a technology-driven beauty services company and community of beauty professionals,” according to the CVS​ website.

Acceptance into the program marks “a significant milestone in our business’s trajectory by expanding our mass market footprint beyond existing retail partnerships with big box stores, Target and Walmart,” said Noemi Manso, Head of Sales at APTO Skincare. To learn more about the brand, its product offerings and formulation processes, and the impact inclusion in CVS’s BIRL program will have on its future growth and expansion efforts, we interviewed Manso for her insights.

CDU: Can you share some brief background about the brand?​ 

Noemi Manso (NM)​: APTO Skincare is a women-owned and family-operated company founded in 2015 with the mission of making clean, natural, and vegan skin care products that are also simple and affordable. Our lineup of multi-benefit basics is ideal for busy women who want effective but effortless products that don’t require a long routine to see results. 

We prioritize sustainability and responsibility. For our packaging, the bottles are 100% recyclable aluminum, tubes are 50% PCR (post-consumer resin), and we don’t use wasteful secondary cartons. Our formulas are certified by Vegan Action for being free of animal-derived ingredients, and we are certified by Leaping Bunny for being cruelty-free. We believe that beauty should never come at the expense of those with whom we share the planet.  

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