BASF invests in US-based tech start-up 3Helix collagen-hybridizing peptide

BASF has announced its investment in US-based tech start-up 3Helix Inc., including an innovation partnership for 3Helix’s proprietary collagen-hybridizing peptide (CHP) technology. As part of the investment deal, the partnership involves “an equity investment and licensing agreement, granting BASF exclusive rights to commercialize CHP solutions for the personal care market​,” shared BASF’s recent press release.

To learn more about BASF’s investment in 3Helix, Inc., including the strategy behind the partnership, the technology’s potential for industry innovation in the collagen peptide space, and the overall industry impact of the investment opportunity, CosmeticsDesign spoke to Allison Garlet, Marketing Manager, Bioactives Personal Care North America, BASF Corporation for her insights.

Investment partnership strategy

BASF’s investment in 3Helix, Inc. and the agreement for BASF to join the company’s Board of Directors “comes after successful research and development of their patented collagen hybridizing peptide (CHP) technology​,” Garlet shared. 3Helix’s CHP technology is the partnership’s focus, and the agreement named BASF as “the exclusive commercialization partner to bring this innovation to maturity and make it available to customers globally​,” she explained.

The business relationship is mutually beneficial, she continued, and it “means that 3Helix not only has additional capital to further develop their technology, but also access to BASF’s vast repository of scientific and business expertise and resources to further the commercialization of the CHP technology​,” she said. Further, she added, “for BASF, we have gained an exciting business partner with cutting-edge technology that can help us develop the next generation of CHP-based cosmetic products​.”

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