Beauty Forward 2024: Meet the US Discussion Panel

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Join us for CosmeticsDesign’s inaugural digital interactive beauty summit, a three-day event where we will be discussing some of the biggest industry trends of 2024 and their impact on the next generation of beauty consumers.

We’ll kick off the regional event with APAC on January 29, followed by Europe on January 30 and North America on January 31.

Can’t make it for the live broadcast? Tune in on-demand at CosmeticsDesign following the event.

What to expect during the North America panel

Following the APAC and Europe regional broadcasts, the North American panel will cap off the digital summit with interview sessions and keynote presentations covering next generation hair care innovation, next generation beauty from within opportunities, and next generation trends in ingredient sustainability.

We will then wrap up the digital summit with a live panel of experts from the North American beauty industry to discuss a profile of the next generation beauty consumer, including the impact of social media on purchasing decisions, the importance of sustainability in beauty product formulations, and trends in beauty from within and hair care.

The panel will be hosted by CosmeticsDesign US editor Cassandra Stern, who will be joined by representative from consumer intelligence data firm NIQ, nonprofit organization the Independent Business Association, and other key members of the US beauty industry.

Meet the brands

Panel members will include Walter Faulstroh, CEO and Co-Founder of HUM Nutrition​. Faulstroh has extensive experience in the wellness industry and a passion for consumer education which he credits as playing a critical role in HUM Nutrition’s success. HUM Nutrition’s innovations in the beauty from within and hair care product spaces include bring the first ingestible beauty brand to scale and being the first DTC brand to conduct double-blind placebo-controlled studies on hair supplements.

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