Best Country to Teach English Abroad in 2024

We recently compiled a list of the 20 Best Countries to Teach English Abroad in 2024.

In 2024, The global demand for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teachers continues to grows, with over 3,000 job vacancies accessible through TEFL Academy’s online jobs board. In Asia and the Middle East, TEFL-certified teachers are especially sought after, with salaries ranging from €1,165 ($1260) to €4,668 ($5050) per month. For instance, in South Korea, teachers can earn between €1,750 (1893) and €2,450 ($2650)monthly, while in the Gulf Arab States, salaries can increase up to €4,668 ($5050), making these regions some of the best places for English teachers. To read about countries with the highest demand for ESL teachers, see 25 Countries with High Demand for English Teachers.

The qualifications required for TEFL positions vary but typically include a Level 3 certificate or a Level 5 Diploma, which entail 120 to 168 hours of study, respectively. These credentials open doors to teaching opportunities in countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam, where English education is integral to their educational systems. In Taiwan, for example, teachers may earn between €1,868 and €3,500 per month. While TEFL is a great option to pursue, there are places like India which happen to be one of the countries where you can teach English without a degree or even TEFL certification.

As far as teaching English abroad with all expenses paid opportunies are concerned, these programs often cover airfare, housing and a high-paying salary. Countries like South Korea, Japan, and the UAE are highly popular in this domain owing to their high demand for English teachers and attractive benefits packages. For instance, South Korea’s EPIK program offers teachers free housing and a salary ranging from $1,600 to $2,500 per month, along with a settlement allowance and medical insurance.

Owing to the importance of English as a language for organizational success, many US companies are focusing on English instruction for their employees. It is also interesting to note that non-English speakers in the US earn 40% less than their English-proficient counterparts.

Speaking of language training, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has recently enhanced its AI-assisted language learning tools with a focus on English conversation practice. Initially launched in October 2023, the speaking practice feature now allows users to engage in ongoing dialogues with an AI bot. This tool is currently available to Search Labs users in Argentina, Colombia, India, Mexico, Venezuela, and Indonesia and provides feedback on spoken sentences while helping learners choose the best words and conjugations in context.

Despite lacking a structured curriculum like Duolingo Inc (NASDAQ:DUOL), Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s approach aims to facilitate practical language use. The company has not yet disclosed plans for broader rollout or additional language options. Speaking of AI, Duolingo Inc. (NASDAQ:DUOL)’s CEO recently opined that AI will likely replace humans in most jobs, but teachers will probably be safe due to the human factor they bring in their profession.

Is Switzerland the Best Country to Teach English Abroad in 2024?

In order to find out the best country to teach English abroad, we divided our methodology into two parts to identify the best countries to teach English Abroad in 2024. Firstly, we identified the 30 highest paying countries for ESL teachers in the world based on average salaries. Secondly, we looked at the countries with the highest Human Development Index. We obtained average salaries from our salary database and for the HDI, we relied on data from UNDP. Our methodology revealed that Switzerland is the best country to teach English abroad in 2024.

Switzerland offers a perfect blend of professional opportunities andan unparalleled quality of life for English language teachers. With over 200,000 TEFL teachers globally, Switzerland is particularly famous for its high salaries, averaging around ₣50 ($60) per 45-50 minutes of teaching. This financial stability is complemented by Switzerland’s stunning natural landscapes and its central location in Europe which also allows for travel to neighboring countries like France, Italy, Austria, and Germany. While demand for English teachers may not be as high compared to other countries, opportunities exist in different sectors such as the hotel industry and private tutoring. Cities like Zurich, known for its luxurious lifestyle, and Bern, with its abundance of international schools, offer attractive prospects for TEFL teachers.

To teach English in Switzerland, it is mandatory to atleast have a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum 120-hour TEFL certification. The average salary of ESL teachers in the country is $132,206, making it the best country to teach English abroad in 2024.

To check out the extensive list of the best countries to teach English, please visit 20 Best Countries to Teach English Abroad in 2024.

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