Biden Smacks Down Trump-Conviction Conspiracy Theory

After a New York jury (state, not federal) convicted Donald Trump of 34 felonies for cheating in the 2016 presidential election, Fox “News” White House correspondent Peter Doocy did his best to trap President Joe Biden with some MAGA gotchas.

The whole series of questions was designed to promote the MAGA spin on Trump’s convictions. First up, Doocy asked, “Do you think the conviction helps Trump in the election?”

Doocy knew Biden would never say the convictions would help Trump. Doocy also knew that if Biden said they would not, it could help further the “puppet master” conspiracy theory Trumpers are using to attack the verdict.

“I have no idea,” Biden replied, no doubt disappointing Doocy.

So, Doocy deployed another talking point: that Trump’s convictions mean Biden could suffer the same fate. He asked if Biden is worried “somebody comes up with some charges and tries to bring you into court after your term?”

Biden swatted that away, too. He said he’s “Not at all” worried because “I didn’t do anything wrong. The system still works.”

Finally, Doocy asked directly about the conspiracy theory: “[Trump] thinks you’re pulling the strings behind the scenes and doing all of this to help yourself,” he said.

Biden grinned as he responded, “I didn’t know I was that powerful.” At that point, he walked away.

Three strikes and you’re out, Doocy.

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