BlockDAG Raises $1 Million in Presale and Announces $2 Million Giveaway

[PRESS RELEASE – London, UK, February 14th, 2024]

Layer1 blockchain BlockDAG has announced that it has raised $1M in its ongoing presale and shared details of a $2M giveaway. The $1M total was raised in the first day of the presale, which has given the public their first opportunity to acquire BDAG tokens.

BlockDAG is developing an advanced layer 1 blockchain. It utilizes a novel Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm that delivers high levels of network security and decentralization. Built for the future, BlockDAG can power everyday applications as well as enterprise-grade DeFi protocols. The BDAG token can be mined by ordinary consumers using domestic hardware including smartphone devices.

For miners interested in extracting maximum value, BlockDAG has developed dedicated hardware for the purpose. The BlockDAG X10 can mine 1,250 BDAG coins per day on average. The X30 mines 7,500 coins a day while the X100 can mine up to 25,000 BDAG coins daily.

With blocks processed at a rate of 10 per second, BlockDAG provides unrivaled speed and throughput. This makes it suited to hosting high-volume dapps for decentralized finance as well as enterprise use cases.

The second batch of BDAG presale tokens are now available for the public to acquire. A total of 1.99 billion tokens will be released during this phase, ensuring that BDAG is owned by a diverse and distributed community and maximizing the BlockDAG protocol’s decentralization upon launch.

In addition to its current presale, BlockDAG has announced that it is giving away $2 million to 50 community members. By completing tasks and referring friends, community members will be eligible for the generous giveaway. This provides an additional incentive to engage with BlockDAO and share the word about the novel layer 1 chain it’s developing for DeFi, enterprises, and much more.

About BlockDAG

The BlockDAG project is the coming together of innovative blockchain technology and forward vision to build a crypto network that can stand the test of time. BlockDAG overcomes shortcomings of traditional PoW blockchains to deliver a power-efficient, minable, and secure network that can mint wealth for its community. The project’s own miner range and ecosystem would power the next generation of DeFi solutions to make crypto work for everyone.

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