Boom! Congresswoman Drops A Truth Bomb On Republicans

There was a bipartisan border deal that Donald Trump instructed Republicans to reject. Still, they tell Democrats that the border is neglected, and they’re using that to hold up direly needed aid to Ukraine. It seems obvious that if the border is addressed, it would leave the former President without a central campaign platform: hating immigrants, building the wall, etc. Republicans have become the Party of Putin. This is no longer your Mom or Dad’s GOP that we’re witnessing.

Connecticut Democrat Rosa DeLauro gave Republicans hell for holding up aid to Ukraine. During a rules committee hearing, DeLauro said what we all have been thinking, and she didn’t hold back. She said that Trump didn’t want to give Biden a win.

“I sat in the White House, not in a classified meeting, where Republican colleagues said that we won’t have Ukraine without bipartisan border security,” DeLauro said. “And then you know what? We accomplished bipartisan border security.”

“It was, oh, you can shake your head all you want,” she continued. “But Democrats and Republicans voted for border security. And you know what? It was Donald Trump who said, don’t give Biden a win.”

“You think about that,” the Connecticut Democrat said. “Put that aside. This moment is now. The United States Senate, you can have all the views you want about the United States Senate, but hold them for this debate. It is now.”

“It is about the United States House of Representatives,” she continued. “We have the opportunity to do what we do here, and that is to govern. And what are we doing in governing? Is it to be a world leader? And for months and months, we have been diddling around where people are dying in Ukraine. Don’t talk about what weapons we want to give them.”

“We’re not giving them what they need now,” she said. “And it has been months in the coming. And we ought to today immediately. We should have picked up that Senate bill, brought it to the floor, and voted on it immediately. And we would be out of here today in doing it.”

“Let us not rewrite what is happening,” she added. “The moment is ours.

And if the House of Representatives abdicates its responsibility, yes, the history will write the story. And that it is on us. When we had that moment, we said no. I, for one, will not say no.”

Her only mistake in that compelling speech was suggesting that Republicans can govern. The chaos crew is too busy blowing up their own party.

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