Brent Bozell’s Son Convicted Of Multiple Jan. 6 Felonies

Bozell IV, is the son of perpetual conservative victim Brent Bozell III, founder of the Media Research Center and other conservative media organizations. I have no doubt Daddy Bozell, who condemned the violence on January 6, will find a way to make his convicted-felon son a victim, too.

The DOJ reports that it presented evidence Bozell IV “barreled through” a police line at the Capitol on January 6, then at the Senate Wing doors, “bashed an exterior windowpane ten times with a hard object, causing it to crack and break.” He bashed another, nearby door eleven times until the glass shattered. He and “scores of other rioters” “clambered through the window that he helped break.”

After Bozell and the mob chased a Capitol Police officer up a staircase, he wandered away and made his way into then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. “As he exited the Speaker’s office, Bozell appeared to be carrying something in his hand. He proceeded to the Rotunda doors where he joined the rioters to force the doors open, allowing another flood of rioters into the building.”

Soon after, he was videoed on the balcony of the Senate Chamber unpacking a bag he had found, apparently filled with emergency supplies. He turned a C-Span camera so that it pointed to the ground and was unable to record the ransacking in the Senate. Then he joined the mob on the Senate floor.

He spent nearly an hour inside the Capitol, the DOJ said.

Bozell’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for January 9, 2024. There’s almost no chance he won’t serve time in prison. According to the DOJ, the felony obstruction charge, alone could cause a 20-year prison sentence, plus potential financial penalties. The combined misdemeanor offenses carry a maximum of 3 1/2 years of incarceration plus financial penalties.

Bozell IV was caught because he was stupid enough to wear a “Hershey Christian Academy” sweatshirt when he committed those crimes. His children reportedly attend that school, which describes itself as “a small, Christ-centered school.”

I must have missed the part in the Bible that talks about rioting, ransacking, breaking windows and chasing police officers as being “Christ centered.”

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