CNN Host Calls Out Matt Gaetz To His Stupid Face

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is launching an impeachment inquiry against President Biden. No one is taking this seriously. It’s all about revenge for former President Donald Trump’s impeachments.

Rep. Matt Gaetz seemed taken back that CNN host Abby Phillip wanted actual evidence instead of speculation.

“Do you have evidence?” she asked. “If you had evidence that Joe Biden was linked to Hunter Biden’s business deals in a way that is illegal, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

“You would probably have the votes for an impeachment inquiry, but you don’t because of people like Ken Buck and people like Don Bacon and many others in your conference,” she continued.

“Well, I see the evidence differently,” Gaetz said while offering no evidence. “I think that we need that’s why we need to have the votes and have the debates and have the hearings, and again, they represent their constituents just like I represent mine.”

That’s not an answer. That’s a word salad. Gaetz is part of the chaos crew, and he’s doing what they do best—creating chaos. You can’t see evidence “differently.” Evidence is evidence.

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