Cover Snark: Hot Groot

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The Orphan and the Coachman by Amelia Smarts. A man and woman are embracing in an old west town. However, the woman is looking away in a suspicious manner. She also has very crispy bangs and the man has a concerning grip on the back of her neck.

From Jfhobbit in the SBTB Patreon Discord: I have a submission to Cover Snark, entirely on the basis of their expressions mid-embrace. He looks confused? She looks like she’s trying to imagine she is anywhere else.

Amanda: Definitely a “did I leave the hair straightener on” look.

Elyse: Or hearing the cat start to puke

Tara: He looks like he doesn’t know where he is and she’s considering if the edible she took was a little stronger than she’d thought.

Sarah: “…was that 10mg or 100 mg?”

Zerberu by Athena Storm. A shirtless man in space, but it looks like his skin is made out of deli meat, just a very bright red with lots of texture.

From Jen: This has to be the worst photoshop I’ve seen in awhile.

Sarah: Cannot stop laughing

I was prepared by Jen’s comment that something was going to be weird with his head BUT I DID NOT EXPECT THAT.

Amanda: He looks like the wayward son who has to work in his parent’s Italian NY deli

Oh and he’s also an alien

Sarah: “No, no, you don’t WEAR the capicola.”

Amanda: Zerberu Gabagool

Sarah: Somewhere a deli is unable to make a full italian sub and they’re all very sad.

Tara: I need him to be a himbo so bad.

Sarah: A hot guy who is obsessed with cold cuts.

Elyse: I scrolled up and actually let out a startled noise that scared the cat.

Gifted Awaken by John R. Sankovich. A blonde woman who looks very sad is on fire, but it's blue flames. In the background, a cabin is ablaze in bright orange flames.

From Gloriamarie: Is her gift that awakened the gift of pyromania?

Amanda: But also the bottom half of her looks like it’s covered in dirt? Also she looks so bored of setting buildings on fire.

Sarah: Did she just explode out of the earth after setting off a gas fire in a house?

Starlight Jewel by E.L. Lyons. An icy background with red flames at the bottom. There are two silhouettes. One of a woman and another of a tall tree man with branches coming out of his head.

Elyse: That’s Groot, isn’t it

Sarah: Or someone had some feelings for the leshen in Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Tara: I’m deep into Baldurs Gate 3 and that looks like someone I might meet here.

Carrie: Hey Groot is hot.

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