Dark Brandon Dominates The Internet After Chiefs Win

Dark Brandon was freaking out the internet last night! Via The Daily Beast:

President Joe Biden had conspiracy theorists in a tizzy after posting what appeared to be his reaction to the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl win on Sunday night. “Just like we drew it up,” Biden posted on X alongside a photo of “Dark Brandon,” the meme created by hardcore—and very online—supporters of Donald Trump that Biden and his team loved so much they adopted it as their own.

The post was apparently referencing far-right conspiracy theories which posit the NFL and high-level government operatives conspired to rig the Super Bowl in Kansas City’s favor to give maximum exposure to a yet-to-be-announced endorsement from Chiefs star Travis Kelce and his girlfriend Taylor Swift. The Chiefs won the game in nail-biting fashion with a last-second touchdown, beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime. Despite her post-game appearance, no word from Swift on any 2024 endorsement.

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