Dem Rep Trolls GOP: What About Those 'Biden Towers' All Over The World?

Virginia Democrat Gerry Connolly weighed in during the Republicans’ impeachment inquiry which is going wrong for them. Connolly pointed out that the baseless inquiry “is about two things: distraction and deflection.” To make his point, Connolly trolled Republicans using Trump’s properties as an example. Except he used Biden’s name.

“Shouldn’t we be concerned about all those Biden towers all over the world where foreign partnerships were formed and influence was used here in the US?” Connolly said, referring to Trump Towers. “I’ve seen these towers in Indonesia, in the Philippines, in Turkey. I’ve even seen one in Chicago.”

“When President Biden appointed his son to manage U.S. foreign policy both in the Persian Gulf and the Middle East – by the way, a son who couldn’t qualify for getting a security clearance, but President Biden apparently granted it anyhow – and then after leaving the White House getting a $2 billion deal…shouldn’t that be of concern to us that maybe a sweetheart deal occurred with the blessing of the president, with foreign money, and shouldn’t we look into Hunter Biden for that, given the fact that the handled Middle East peace in the White House…oh crumb, I got that wrong again,” he continued.

“So shouldn’t we be concerned that a New York judge just found President Biden’s organization committing fraud every year for the last 10 or 15 years and that…that Biden organization is now subject to dismemberment and dismantlement because of the fraudulent activity…Mr. Trump again!” he said.

“Shouldn’t we be concerned about the personal – I mean, while we’re at it – behavior of President Trump or President Biden be found guilty of sexual assault and defamation associated with that activity…with Mr. Trump again!” he added.

Yeah, I’d like to know about that little matter of Jared Kushner receiving $2 billion in Saudi money from the Bone Saw Prince, despite Kushner having no experience. Just like his father-in-law had zero experience to hold the highest seat in the land, and here we are.

Today’s spectacle was so embarrassing that Fox News pulled away from the impeachment inquiry hearing, deciding to bring on Ron DeSantis for an interview instead. Impeachment is a big deal so that usually wouldn’t happen, except Republicans didn’t come with any evidence. Way to go, Comer.

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