Domestic Violence Dissertation – 10 Key Elements to Include in Your Paper

Domestic violence has become a global issue and is expanding with time. It involves abusive behaviour that affects the mental and physical health of an intimate partner.

As it is becoming a serious concern, possible solutions to overcome this challenge are required.

As a student, you can write a domestic violence dissertation and propose solutions to real-world problems. However, it requires a strong knowledge baseline and intermittent clarity of ideas. But you can begin the dissertation by gathering some authentic stats.

For example, the latest report published by Statista on Aug 2, 2023, represents 156000 domestic violence incidents in England and Wales.

The above-mentioned stats highlight the increasing domestic violence issues. The reported cases of domestic violence show how ignored and misunderstood this issue is. However, the students can make a difference by bringing their ideas to the dissertation.

Undoubtedly, academic writing demands proper time and deep research to craft a perfect paper. It is a known fact that many students find dissertation writing a complex task and seek dissertation help online from experienced writers to score higher in their respective projects.

Now, let us study more about the conceptualisation of domestic violence.

What Does Domestic Violence Mean?

Domestic violence reflects the dominance of one individual over the other. In a relationship, one adult misuses the power to control the rights of others. As a result of this, individuals suffer from severe health problems. The main problems include mental health, physical abuse and emotional traumas.

Domestic violence is, therefore, a critical issue to address. Many students forget the essential elements while writing a domestic violence dissertation. The primary thing that gets neglected is researching an interesting topic. You must select a justice prevailing topic.

Domestic Violence Dissertation Topics 2024

As per NPCC (National Police Chief Council), in the year 2020-2022, 470 deaths were reported. All this happened due to domestic violence with the below-mentioned ratio including:

  • 43% of intimate partner homicide
  • 24% of victims of suicide
  • 22% of adult family homicide
  • 8% child abuse

So, it’s easy for you to infer domestic violence dissertation ideas from the above percentage. Comprehend your ideas for the dissertation on domestic violence by seeing the topics below:

  1. Domestic Violence in the Light of Human Rights.
  2. The Impact of Physical Abuse in the UK.
  3. Role of Police System in Controlling Domestic Violence Issues.
  4. Exploring the Victims of Sexual Abuse. An Analysis.

10 Essential Elements to Include in Your Domestic Violence Dissertation

The basic model for writing on domestic violence dissertations is IMRaD – introduction, methodology, review and discussion. Following this structure, you will be able to craft a winning dissertation. Despite IMRaD, other essential elements that make your dissertation more proficient are discussed below.

1. Title Page

The title page gives quick information about your dissertation title, author, and completion date.

There are different types of titles, such as:

  • Descriptive
  • Interrogative
  • Declarative

Therefore, write a compelling domestic violence dissertation title to hook readers. It’s up to you how you will arouse their curiosity.

As reported by NCBI, the average length of a good title is 10-15 words. Lengthy titles sound boring and don’t convey the appropriate concept. So, write concise, clear, interesting and accurate titles for your domestic violence dissertation. One more thing to remember: don’t put a period at the end of your dissertation title.

2. Abstract

The abstract is a concise summary of your dissertation on domestic violence. It includes small bits of information like

  • What is the purpose of the study on domestic violence?
  • Includes the methodology. Which methods were used in performing research?
  • Mention what results were inferred from those findings.
  • A crisp conclusion about the whole research process.

3. Introduction

The University of Birmingham has mentioned that the introduction of a dissertation should be 10% of the whole write-up. Therefore, be clear about your research while writing a domestic violence dissertation introduction.

Write the background of domestic violence and define the key terms. Include what new materials and methodologies you are offering. Also, highlight what readers can expect from your dissertation.

4. Literature Review

A literature review comprises an analysis of previous studies. Without a proper literature review, you cannot write a dissertation on domestic violence. The previously published works support your current research. It builds a logical connection, thus making your dissertation more successful.

In your literature review, address domestic violence dissertation research questions such as:

  • Are there any heated debates on abusive relationships?
  • What practical implementations have been taken to stop physical abuse?
  • How many cases have been resolved regarding domestic violence?

5. Methodology

how do you write a domestic violence dissertation? Is this the question that scares you? Yes, many students find writing a winning dissertation a time-consuming task. As the process involves proper research methodology. So, write about what methodology is used in conducting research.

For example, if you are reporting the child abuse sector, you must include:

  • The recap of your research questions
  • A clear description of your design and method. Write about gathering data, some surveys, or practical experiments.
  • Use a qualitative or quantitative approach to clarify the ideas.

6. Results

The next section in writing a domestic violence dissertation is compiling your results. This is the fourth chapter of your dissertation. It should include the following things:

  1. Numerical figures, percentages and graphs.
  2. Objectively state drawn findings from your research on domestic violence
  3. Use visuals to proceed to the next chapter.

Incorporating the results in the dissertation for domestic violence will build chronological sequencing.

7. Discussion

In the discussion section, you have to impart meaning and relevance overall. Keep in mind maintaining appropriate flow when writing a domestic violence dissertation. This chapter must support the literature review and results, thus dragging towards an appropriate conclusion.

For example, the discussion encloses the related topic information as follows:

  1. Summary (retaliate your research and write your major findings concisely)
  2. Interpretations (identify correlations between data; does the result support your hypothesis)
  3. Implications (do your results support existing theories and challenges)
  4. Limitations (write about problems and limitations you faced)
  5. Recommendations (state and suggest others’ work)

8. Conclusion

Try to write a concise and clear conclusion for your domestic violence dissertation. This section compiles all the above findings, data collection and practical approaches. Wrap up findings and main points from results and discussion. You can address the main argument to support the authenticity of your dissertation. Craft it that way so it will support the entire statement.

9. Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement is the key thing to include in your domestic violence dissertation structure. It is a way of showing gratitude to the special person or institute who helped in research. That could be your parents, teachers, supervisors and official research institutes.

10. References

Last but important of all is references. Adding references reflects the credibility of your dissertation. Before citing the references, read a set of instructions your institute has provided. Every university has different criteria and differs from time to time. There are a lot of citation styles, such as MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard.


Hence, you have read all the essential elements for writing a domestic violence dissertation. The sequence and related information are from credible resources. Try to follow the above-mentioned key elements to make your dissertation professional. Maintain the sequence of your dissertation to achieve high scores.

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