Donald Trump Has DESTROYED & HUMILIATED Rudy Giuliani Too

Forrest Gump once said, “I’m not a smart man, but I do know what love is.” Well, Rudy Giuliani *really* isn’t a smart man, and judging by his 3 divorces, doesn’t seem to know too much about love either.

But man can the chode humiliate himself in service of Donald Trump. World class at that! And, recently, Rudy may’ve done the most humiliating thing he’s ever done–all self inflicted. And this is a man who turned Four Seasons Landscaping into a household name, farted audibly during a Michigan state legislative hearing and had hair dye running down his face like a waterfall during a press conference.

Rudy, my friends, is no stranger to humiliation. So watch the video for pitch perfect Rudy Giuliani, and a the ridiculousness he 100% brought it on himself. It obviously couldn’t have happened to a better guy…

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