Eichholtz Gallery Miami Forms Brand Ambassador Collaboration With AMAzedID Founder

AMAzedID, an interior design and project development firm founded by Mayela Rojas in Naples, Florida, recently celebrated a significant milestone with its inaugural brand ambassador collaboration with Eichholtz Gallery Miami at a special event. The partnership combines the interior design and project development expertise of AMAzedID with the renowned artistry of the Eichholtz Gallery and the visionary creativity of Rojas. Eichholtz introduced Mayela as their brand ambassador, marking a historic first for the brand and positioning them as a pioneer in recognizing the influence of interior design in their industry.

The collaboration will combine Mayela’s unique combination of 25 years of broadcasting experience and a keen interest in interior design. Mayela’s multifaceted career illustrates her exceptional ability to excel in both the dynamic world of media and the creative realm of design and development. This partnership showcases a fusion of talent, innovation, and community engagement, setting the stage for future collaborations that promise to redefine the boundaries of design excellence.

Fifth Third Bank was an exclusive sponsor for the event, reinforcing its commitment to supporting creativity, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. The collaboration celebrated creativity in design and provided a strategic opportunity for the bank to connect with the Miami market. Additionally, the presence of Kwaya Wines as a featured sponsor added an extra layer of elegance to the event, complementing the aesthetic and enhancing the overall experience for attendees.

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