Fans Furious As CBS Cuts Off Billy Joel Concert For News

I was watching when this happened, and I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. The show started a half-hour late, and they cut off the last song? And now you have to have a Paramount subscription to watch it? You suck, CBS. Via Yahoo News:

Enraged Billy Joel fans put network big shots on blast on Sunday night after a televised concert was cut off in the middle of his best-known song.

Viewers who had been waiting for the longest time for the CBS broadcast of the 100th concert of his residency at New York’s Madison Square Garden had to wait just a little longer when it was delayed by the network’s extended coverage of golf’s Masters Tournament.

Then, toward the end of the show, as Joel performed a rousing version of “Piano Man” with the MSG audience and fans at home singing along, viewers in many cities saw their screens go to black, followed by local news:

One of the fans who attended posted their own video, so here it is. Some small comfort for having your mellow harshed! (It really was a great show.)

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