First Lamborghini EV to be revealed in concept form next week

The revelations from Autocar’s exclusive interview provide the first details to support Lamborghini’s stated electrification plan, announced in 2021.

Called Direzione Cor Tauri, referring prosaically to the Latin name for a bull’s heart and the brightest star of the constellation of Taurus, the plan lays out a three-step strategy towards electrification.

The initial stage, a celebration of pure-ICE specials, concluded last year, ahead of the launch of Lamborghini’s first plug-in hybrid, the Revuelto, which is now sold out until 2026.

By the end of 2024, all three of Lamborghini’s models – the Aventador, Huracán and Urus – will be sold as plug-in hybrids.

That will allow the company to record official CO2 outputs at half of its 2022 levels by 2025, the pair of EVs then providing a further significant reduction.

“What’s clear is that customer perceptions have shifted,” said Winkelmann.

“They are aware of the legislation and interested in the technology so long as it marries sustainability with enhanced performance from what has gone before.

“That’s why [Lamborghini’s] hybridisation phase is coming first: that has been digested and accepted by the customer base. Even the majority of petrolheads say that they have accepted our vision on that. And in turn, that opens the door for a new breed of customer to look at full electrification.”

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