Fox ‘Constitutionalist’ Demands SCOTUS Void Trump Convictions

Fox’s Mark Levin clearly needed some chamomile tea or a cannabis gummy after his beloved Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felonies in his New York criminal trial Thursday evening.

Levin was ranting and raving on the Hannity show not long after his boo became a convicted felon. Levin was so unnerved, he demanded that the U.S. Supreme Court toss its normal procedure of taking cases after they’ve reached the top of the appeals chain in order to immediately interfere with New York courts and nullify the verdict. He claimed it could be done via a “common law writ.”

LEVIN: We need to give the Supreme Court the opportunity to fix this. Why? We cannot have local acting judges, Soros DAs – 15,000 district attorneys office[s], God knows how many state judges – destroying our federal election system, influencing how we elect the president of the United States. And if we have a pathway to bring it to the Supreme Court, even though it’s rarely used, by God, we use it.

It’s beyond hypocritical for Levin to be shouting about destruction to our federal election system given that he was instrumental in the fake elector scheme designed to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Fox News calls Levin a “Constitutional law attorney” but I’ve lost track of how many times he seemed eager to subvert the U.S. Constitution for the sake of his favorite insurrectionist and p***y grabber.

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