Fox News Analyst Brit Hume Warns 'Do-Nothing' GOP Congress

It’s nice to see Republicans winging and wringing their hands the day after an election, since they never ever take responsibility for anything! Fox analyst Brit Hume warns Republicans they’re losing their advantage over Democrats. Via Twitter:

“Think of what the Republicans are doing, for example, on the border issue. They said that they wouldn’t pass aid to Ukraine and other places unless there was action on the border,” Hume said.

“So, the Senate produced a bill negotiated by one of its most conservative Republican members on the border, which had some defects in it as compromise measures always do, and it was nonetheless the strongest border protection bill that I’ve seen in my time in Washington.

“And the House simply announced it was not going to take it up, so it failed even in the Senate,” he said.

“Then comes this question of the measures for the funding of Ukraine and elsewhere. And that looks like it’s going to go down in the House as well even though it passed the Senate. So, I think these are a couple of issues that put Republicans in peril of looking like literally a do-nothing Congress, which is something you can bet the Biden administration is going to be talking about going forward, and the Biden campaign as well.”

Oh, BOO HOO. Who could have foreseen that getting under the sheets with Mango Man would result in the steady erosion of the Republican party?

Lindsey Graham, for one:

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