Fox News Bemoans Poor Lindsey Graham's Blackened Reputation

Fox’s Howard Kurtz and his guest Ben Domenech are very upset with the release of the special grand jury report in Georgia and poor old Lindsey Graham having his reputation sullied. I hate to break it to them, but Graham didn’t have any reputation to destroy in the first place.

Here’s the Media Buzz host and Domenech after Kurtz played a portion of Graham’s response after the news broke that the grand jury in Fulton County wanted to indict Graham and 38 others.

KURTZ: So then Willis chose not to charge them, and the media were all over this. But to be fair, how do you conclude they committed no crime that rose to the level where I’m going to the bring an indictment, but you blacken their reputations anyway?

DOMENECH: Yeah. I think that that was really irresponsible and wrong to release that list of names, and I think it also makes the case seem in some ways less serious, meaning that, you know, well, if you had this kind of recommendation to indict, why not pursue it?

If you didn’t, you know, pursue it for reasons that, you know, are unknown to us, in terms of how much of a case they thought they could bring, you still have that power of the indictment. And so, for them to release the names without pursuing it, I think is much worse, in a way than for the cause of people who are arguing that this is a serious case and should be taken seriously.

And especially Lindsey Graham, I think the idea that you’re going to go around indicting sitting senators for the kind of political fights that happen often in the wake of elections is very troubling.

This was not just a “political fight” and it certainly isn’t something that “often happens in the wake of elections.” Graham was trying to pressure the Sec. of State into tossing out legally cast ballots in Georgia and overturn the election.

Kurtz’s other guest, Leslie Marshall weighed in and said she thought that names would have been leaked eventually. None of them bothered to mention it wasn’t Willis that requested the release of the report. It was released at the request of the special grand jury.

That won’t stop them from using it as an excuse to attack Willis on Fox though.

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