Fox News Embarrasses Mike Johnson On Noncitizens Voting

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Sunday pressed for a new law against immigrants voting in federal elections while Fox News reported on an existing law that already prohibits noncitizens from voting.

“You talked with President Trump on Friday about ensuring a transparent and safe election,” Fox News host Maria Bartiromo told Johnson on Sunday Morning Futures. “Do you have any evidence that the Democrats are pushing for illegals to vote in this election?”

“They’ve allowed it in some municipal elections,” Johnson said. “What Congress has control over is federal elections. We have to do every single thing we can to secure that our elections are free and fair.”

“One thing we need to do, and this is what we’re about, the House Republicans are about to enter legislation into the record, that will ensure that no illegal can vote in a federal election,” he continued. “You have to prove you’re a citizen instead of, as the law currently states, just checking a box to say it.”

As Johnson spoke, Fox News displayed the text of an existing law, 18 USC 611, which prohibits voting by aliens in presidential elections.

“Maria, we have so many illegals in the country,” he opined. “They could tilt the election if this happened.”

“If just one in a hundred illegals decided to vote in a federal election, it could swing congressional races, and it might even swing presidential elections,” he added. “You could talk about hundreds of thousands of votes, potentially.”

“So we have to do everything possible to make sure that this election is secure.”

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