Fox News Host Explodes Over 'Racist' Solar Panels In Africa

Fox News host Dagen McDowell suggested that efforts to power parts of Africa with solar panels were a “racist” recolonization of the continent.

The Associated Press recently reported that African businesses chose to use solar panels over energy created with fossil fuels.

McDowell, however, told Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) that the move to green energy was a racist plot.

“These people are telling sub-Saharan Africa, you have to stay in the dark and not develop your fossil fuels because we say so,” she said after President Joe Biden met with global leaders. “This is keeping a billion people in the dark, Senator, because they say so. It’s called it’s essentially climate colonialism. It’s racist.”

Johnson responded by insisting that there was no “climate emergency.”

“All this climate change alarmism is based on bad science, completely ignoring the impact of clouds to basically be a heat sink,” Johnson said. “Again, the climate is always [changing], always will.”

“I’m not alarmist, I’m not in denial, but we’ve spent over five trillion dollars globally on climate change,” he added. “We haven’t moved the needle, according to climate alarmists. How much more are we going to waste?”

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