Fox News Host Lists Trump's 'Cognitive Beauties'

As expected, Fox News had a field day on Tuesday with Axios’ article on Biden working to not fall because they love to bash Biden for being three years older than Trump. That is, until their “liberal host” set them all straight about who has and does not have cognitive issues.

Jessica Tarlov was unsparing in her recitation of the litany of Trump “senior moments,” or as she called them, “cognitive beauties.”

She listed them, specifically and carefully:

“He said, you need an ID to buy bread. Has anyone shown ID to get Wonder Bread lately?”

“He said that he ran against Obama in 2016. He ran against Hillary Clinton.”

“He warned that Biden will get us into World War II, which I’m pretty sure we already fought and won.”

“And yesterday he confused Jeb Bush and George W. Bush and said that Jeb is involved in the Middle East.”

“And then of course there are his authoritarian posts on Truth Social calling for the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to be executed and saying that he’s going to investigate media companies that he doesn’t like.”

Just to drive her point home, she pointed out what would happen if Biden said he’s going to investigate Fox News. Heads would explode.

This discussion took place in the context of a larger effort to push Nikki Haley as the candidate of choice over the convicted sexual abuser and fraudster who faces 91 felony charges, including racketeering. I mean, you can certainly understand why they would want to promote someone besides the guy who leads the pack by over 30 points right now, but I’m afraid they’re stuck with him as their standard-bearer. Such is the price of their toxic, putrid masculinity for the past 30 years.

Suck it up, Fox News.

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