Gaetz Tears Into 'Disgraceful' Kevin McCarthy For Being A 'Misogynist'

Rep. Matt Gaetz was on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast dishing the dirt on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. They focused on McCarthy asking Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz not to “quit” Congress, but she said that “his wishes might come true.”

“Well, his wishes might come true. I’m not sure if he really wishes that, but, you know, I’ll be honest with you — I do need to regroup because I think my party is failing the people,” she said. She’s not wrong there. Oh boy.

Gaetz, who has been in a power slap-fight with McCarthy, took a few digs at the California Republican, calling him “disgraceful” and a “misogynist.”

“And let’s look at the fact pattern here: many months ago, Victoria Spartz, who has served honorably, said that her family needed her and that she was going to return to the most important job she had as a mother,” Gaetz said. “And then recently, I think there were a lot of members who didn’t take too kindly to Kevin McCarthy trying to subjugate his failures as somehow tied to an ethics committee matter with me.”

“When I went out and made the case that Kevin McCarthy has failed us and breached his deal,” he continued. “He said, well, you know, none of that bad stuff about me is really true. It’s just that Matt Gaetz has got all these ethics problems.”

“Well, it turns out I don’t stand alone, and precisely the argument I made about not producing the bills, not being on time,” he said. “And on schedule was made by Victoria Spartz, and she laid it right at McCarthy’s feet and said, you are the weak leader who has brought us to this moment.”

She did say that, by the way.

“And in response, he called her a quitter,” Gaetz continued. “He didn’t respond to the, he didn’t say these are the reasons why we haven’t brought these bills. He didn’t offer any type of rationale or explanation for the substance of our critique.”

“He said, well, you know what, you’re just leaving Congress because you’re a quitter,” he insisted. “That’s what he said to this woman. And it was disgraceful, and it was misogynist just last week.”

“Utah Congressman Chris Smith retired from Congress and returned to his district, and he also did so for family reasons,” he said. “And you know what, Kevin McCarthy never called Chris Stewart a quitter because Chris Stewart didn’t criticize Kevin McCarthy.”

“So the way he treats his members, the way he treated this woman in particular for valuing motherhood, says a lot more about Kevin McCarthy than it does about Victoria Spartz,” he continued. “You know why?”

“Because Kevin McCarthy would never put anything above his own power and his own ambition,” he added. “So he can’t even contemplate putting family first. And it showed another reason why he’s not just an ineffective leader but a morally bankrupt one.”

I’m baffled. Are Republicans now pretending to give a single shit about how women are treated, but they didn’t before when the pussy grabber was campaigning for the highest office in the land? And Rep. Rapey McForehead of all people. Am I getting that right? Holy fuckballs.

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