Give Your Living Room A Cosy Glow-Up, Just In Time For Winter!

When winter really settles in, nothing beats curling your feet up on the couch, warm drink (or wine) in hand, and relaxing into a cosy evening. But first, you need a living room that invites such splendors.

Start with the window furnishings. These are essential for keeping the heat in, and making a space feel warm. For ultimate thermal performance, look for curtains with lining, taking them to the floor for extra insulation and draught protection. You might also want to try a lighter-coloured sheer curtain, allowing the sun to filter through to create a soft, moody atmosphere.

Speaking of light, turn off the overheads and use lamps instead to further boost the cosy ambiance. Paper lampshades will diffuse the light and cast a soft glow, while a wall-mounted option like the New Volumes terracotta Pinch light will add a warm, earthy accent.

Nobody likes a cold surface underfoot — especially in winter! Complete the enveloping of your space with a large, soft rug in a rich, warming hue. In the moodboard above we’ve chosen the Meadow rug by Armadillo to ground the toasty colour palette of burgundy, sage, terracotta and brown. Or check out the other rugs in our Design Directory here!

Gently curving shapes will add to the overall feeling of cosiness. Introduce these in all aspects of the space, from furniture and lighting to decorative homewares and art.

Finally, embrace texture — on texture! Don’t be afraid to layer wooly, soft, velvety materials all in the one space to really amp up the cosy factor — think; rugs, furniture, cushions and throws. To keep the look fresh and edgy, contrast these tactile materials with shiny and smooth accents too, such as chrome details and metal accents.

Additional moodboard credits: (from left) ‘Through the Mist‘ artwork by Ash Leslie. ‘Pod III’ sculpture by Belinda Wiltshire, from Craft Victoria. ‘Aquarius Swing‘ and ‘Busta’s Lament‘ ceramic tumblers by Issy Parker, from Craft Victoria. Cushions from Citta. Candle holder by Jade Peton, from Pan After. ‘Vase Disguised as a Duck‘ sculpture by Daniel Leone, from Craft Victoria. ‘Mesos‘ sculptural vase by Mali Taylor, from Craft Victoria. Telephone wire bowl in pumpkin from Pan After. ‘Child‘ sculpture by Belinda Wiltshire, from Craft Victoria. 

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