GOP Clown Show Can't Explain Why Biden Should Be Impeached

Morning Joe kicked off with a roundup of Republicans trying to rationalize the impeachment inquiry announced by Kevin McCarthy yesterday (with a gun held to his head by the Freedom Caucus).

They’re not thrilled, because it’s likely they will lose control of the House if they go through with it. But McCarthy can’t just announce an inquiry — legally, there has to be a vote (thanks to Trump’s DOJ.) Fortunately for them, there are 15 Republicans who are likely to oppose any impeachment votes, because they have seats in districts where Joe Biden won handily. And in order to have an impeachment hearing, they need those votes. So: ain’t gonna happen!

But they’re still doing nothing to avoid a government shutdown, which is really going to piss people off when they don’t get their checks.

Here’s Twitter:

So I’m pretty sure that not only won’t Joe Biden be impeached, Republicans may have just handed him control of both houses for his second term.

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