GOP CO-04 Candidates Celebrate Their Arrests At Debate

Seems Lauren Boebert will fit right in in Colorado’s 4th congression district if elected. Asked if they’d ever been arrested before, “six out of the nine candidates raised their hands, which was met with jokes and applause from the crowd.” Another couldn’t be there, Justin Schrieber, “who is facing felony charges including stalking and harassment,” and probably under arrest.

Very fine people indeed.

Source: KUSA/9News

FORT LUPTON, Colo. — Rep. Lauren Boebert argued her case Thursday in the first Republican primary debate for the district she switched to last month, facing off against opponents who have already attacked her with accusations of being a “carpetbagger.”

The congresswoman is running in the 4th Congressional District (CD-4), which spans Colorado’s eastern plains, over fears she could have lost reelection for the seat she currently holds on the state’s western slope. Colorado’s congressional representatives do not have to live in the district they represent, only the state, though Boebert has said she will move to the area.

Nine candidates took the stage Thursday night. Notably absent were Mariel Bailey, who dropped out of the race, and longshot candidate Justin Schrieber, who is facing felony charges including stalking and harassment.

And what question garnered the most applause at this Republican primary debate in eastern, rural Colorado? Whether they had been arrested before.

The question that garnered most applause tonight was whether any of the candidates had been arrested. Six out of the nine candidates raised their hands, which was met with jokes and applause from the crowd.

Those who raised their hands were Boebert, Leisy, former state House Minority Leader Mike Lynch, Phelen, Sonnenberg, and state Rep. Richard Holtorf.

Lynch resigned as minority leader this week after his 2022 DUI arrest became public.

“We need people that understand people. We need people that are human and make mistakes,” Lynch said.

“I will tell you that I have been arrested twice and every time it was for fighting because someone needed a little attitude adjustment,” Holtorf said.

“My arrest was just a simple traffic violation that was unpaid,” Boebert said.

That is not fully accurate. She also had an altercation with law enforcement at a country music festival.

And so it went.

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