GOP Congressman's LOL Border Meme Backfires Spectactularly

It’s telling here that after the first-term congressman posted his bullshit and was corrected by Snopes and many others, he responded – with more bullshit. North Carolina’s 11th district had previously been represented by Trump acolyte and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. And with these two sterling examples, it’s fair to suggest that NC-11 is not sending their best or brightest to Congress.

Source: The New Republic

A Republican congressman absolutely humiliated himself on Wednesday while trying to criticize President Joe Biden’s handling of the border.

North Carolina Representative Chuck Edwards posted an image to his X account of a massive human caravan headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border, stamping his own office’s logo on it while facetiously clipping an icon of Biden onto the picture with the caption “I did that.”

But what Edwards seemingly didn’t do was fact-check his own meme before posting it.

The picture of that incredible line on its way to cross the border wasn’t snapped anytime during Biden’s presidency, but actually on October 27, 2018, squarely during Trump’s term—who notably used the caravan and its wave of Honduran refugees fleeing a nation plagued by poverty and violence to his political advantage. At the time, Trump anxiously called on Congress to continue construction on his multibillion-dollar border wall and increase border protections ahead of the caravan’s approach.

Edwards, for some inexplicable reason, still has his tweet up. Probably because he just doesn’t give a ****. Too bad for him though that others do care.

When his idiocy was quickly pointed out, he doubled down with a picture from Mexico in 2023. Slight problem there too, however. Tapachula is on the border all right, but with Guatemala.

And the helpful responses.

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