GOP Rep. Lashes Out At CNN Host For Daring To Fact-Check Him

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These guys really don’t like even some tepid push back when they go on the air and lie about what’s in a piece of legislation. NY GOP Rep. Brandon Williams, who’s already proven himself to be a hothead, made an appearance on CNN this Tuesday, and was asked by host Jim Sciutto about the bipartisan border security bill that they once demanded and now oppose in order to appease Trump, legislation that is also supported by the border patrol union, and got pretty testy with Sciutto when he fact-checked his lies.

SCIUTTO: As you know, your colleagues demanded that the aid be packaged with a border security deal. That deal may not have everything that the House wants, but it certainly raises the standard for asylum seekers. It put billions of dollars more into border security. It also is trying to shorten the time that those cases are heard. Why isn’t it better to have increased security at the border rather than nothing?

WILLIAMS: Well, that’s a false choice, because Joe Biden shredded the Remain in Mexico policy his first week in office. He did it very – with great flamboyance. And he could reinstate that today simply with a pen.

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