Governor Beshear's Ad Is The Template For All Democrats

Reproductive rights have been the big issue in almost every election held in the last year since the Supreme Court came out with the Dodd ruling. And it’s going to continue to be the big issue going into the 2024 elections.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear understands that. He’s also not afraid to go there with a powerful ad that gets straight to the point in the words of a young woman who, unfortunately, knows all too well what she is talking about, having been a victim of rape and incest:

I am a strong believer in being direct and honest, no matter how uncomfortable it might make some people, and that is exactly what Beshear’s ad does.

And if you don’t believe me, look at this flailing response from his opponent, Daniel Cameron:

If ads like the one from Beshear can leave Cameron so shook, why aren’t all Democrats doing it already and often?

While Beshear’s ad is sourced, direct and straightforward, Cameron’s video sounds like he was reading something straight from QAnon. Just like North Korea and China? Because Planned Parenthood and Joe Biden said so? Hyperbole much?

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