Greg Abbott Gets Into Row With Parody Account On Twitter

Since reading isn’t encouraged in Texas anymore, it’s understandable that the Texas Governor would think a parody account (marked parody) called “Liam Nissan” would be the real actor Liam Neeson.

Source: Comic Sands

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott was widely mocked after he got into a feud with a parody Liam Neeson account over a proposed border wall to curb the number of migrants traveling over the nation’s southern border.

Abbott responded to a “Liam Nissan” account on X, formerly Twitter, without double-checking the username and appeared under the impression that he was conversing with the Academy Award-nominated star of Schindler’s List whose career saw a resurgence in the last decade due to roles in action films like Taken and The Grey.

Although Abbott deleted the post that prompted Liam Nissan—who posts under the username @theliamnissan—to respond to him, the X user took a screenshot of the exchange and shared it via their own account.

Even the account was amazed by how dumb this was.

Nissan™ responded to his newfound notoriety with the decorum and grace that it deserved.

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