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HaBO: Heroine with Digestive Disease

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This HaBO request is from Alison, who is hoping to find this romance:

I’m trying to remember a book I read and have neither the title or author.

She has IBS or Crohn’s or UC. She goes on a vacation-ish and ends up staying in a friend’s family vacation house. The brother is fixing up said house.

Grumpy/ sunshine romance begins.

He has/finds a dog and begrudgingly takes care of it. They go to a friend’s house, she eats beans to be nice and it super tiggers her digestion issues. It’s set in a wooded or mountain-ish setting. She was taking time off work due to her health. I believe he painted either as a profession or hobby.

I have no idea if that is enough, but I’d love to find the book again!

I know we can HaBO!

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