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HaBO: Ludacris Lyrics

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This HaBO is from Renay, who wants to find this audiobook:

I am so freaking excited to find this area on your website! I think I found this website like years ago… Possibly, but I can’t remember for sure? If so, I haven’t been on it in forever, and I am thrilled to think that you all may be able to help a bitch out!

This is what I can remember…The male lead quotes the lyrics to Ludacris’s song “What’s Your Fantasy” as he’s getting the female lead all hot and bothered. That’s it, besides the fact that it got me all hot and bothered when listening to it on audiobook! The voice narrator had a panty melting voice for it.

Thank you so much for offering this platform and I’m hoping to hear those lyrics when I get to listen to the (missing from my memory) book again!

Looking forward to my happy ending!

Who knew Luda would be such an inspiration for foreplay?

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