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HaBO: Medieval Romance with Reincarnations

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This HaBO request is from Jay, who wants to find this romance (and yes, it does sound similar to last week’s but there’s no relation):

I’ve been trying to figure out the name of this book for years, so I may be misremembering things at this point, but you guys are my last hope!

The main thing I remember is that the heroine and hero (and possibly a villain) are stuck in a cycle of not ending up together, she dies, and then they get reborn. She doesn’t remember any of this, but I think he does.

The book starts with a girl in a castle/keep and the hero is a warrior/warlord that arrives and I think they might need his help? Then for some reason they get matched together. She finds him terrifying, so he tied himself to a chair (in a tower?) so they can talk.

I have high hopes that if anyone knows this book, it’ll be one of your readers. Fingers crossed and thank you for all you do!

The “tied himself to a chair” feels very familiar to me!

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