Hannity Salivates Over Future Terror Attacks In US

Fox News and Trump advisor Sean Hannity used 9/11 to fearmonger about the border, in hopes of a US-based terror attack that will help Trump win in 2024.

Salivating over a fantasized terror attack on US soil is another sign of desperation coming from the MAGA cult.

Hannity: You have all of these people coming from our top geopolitical foes with ties to radical Islamic terrorism, that there are terror cells in this country.

And 9-11 or worse is coming.

Now, it’s not a matter of if to me, it’s almost a guarantee.

I hope and pray to God I’m wrong.

I don’t think I’m wrong.

I’ve been saying it over and over again.

Hannity is trying to elicit a terrorist attack on US soil. What does that make him?


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