History Is Like Shampoo

Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, gives us a lesson on how history is just like shampoo, in that the last step is always repeat. This seems to be especially true to Republicans running for president.

She points out how Tricky Dicky Nixon made a deal with the South Vietnamese to keep the war going until after the election.

She fast forwarded to Ronny Ray Gun, who cut a deal with Iran to hold on to their American hostages until after the election. Afterwards, Iran released the hostages and Ray Gun gave them weapons of war to use as they would. Boy, that worked out well.

But being a very slow learner, Felon Trump repeated history again by trying to blackmail Ukraine for dirt on President Biden. Now to the present day, Trump proves himself to be more corrupt and more stupid than we ever imagined by brazenly announce that Putin won’t release an American hostage until Trump tells him to – after the election.

Go figure.

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