HUM Nutrition expands into Target’s Natural Beauty aisles

This month, HUM Nutrition is expanding its offerings into Target’s Natural Beauty aisles. The placement into the Natural Beauty section, rather than the supplement section, reflects the brand’s history as “the first company to successfully bridge the gap between beauty and wellness by focusing on solutions that tackle skin, body, and mood concerns with nutritional solutions that are rooted in science,” shared Walter Faulstroh, CEO and Co-Founder of HUM Nutrition. 

To learn more about the background behind HUM Nutrition and the brand’s relationship with the beauty and wellness space, the significance of the expanded product placement in Target retailers, and the brand’s plans for further innovation and development in beauty from within products, we spoke to Faulstroh for his insights. 

About HUM Nutrition 

HUM Nutrition’s brand mission is focused on providing consumers with “a science-based approach to wellness that delivers results, yet is affordable and accessible to most consumers, easy to understand, and engaging,” Faulstroh shared, as “every touch point matters, and consumer education plays a critical role in our success within the industry.” 

Since the brand was founded in 2012, the brand has made significant impacts in the beauty from within space, and “HUM has been at the forefront of innovation with many firsts including the first ingestible beauty brand to scale,” as well as being “the first brand to conduct double-blind placebo-controlled studies on hair gummies,” he explained. 

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