IFSCC exclusive: Plant endophytes as a potential new and sustainable microbiome skin care ingredient

Green technologies are at the forefront of the 33rd​ annual IFSCC congress in Barcelona this September and Spanish ingredients company Provital shared its latest development on the use of plant symbiotes as a new source of biomolecules with cosmetic applications.

Plants produce many metabolites, but these are often only synthesised in small amounts, which means vast amounts of plant biomass is needed to make the process economically and ecologically viable.

Provital’s new research around plant endophytes (symbiotic microorganisms that live inside plants and aid their growth and development) has enabled the company to successfully develop a novel platform for the isolation and biotechnological production of these as a sustainable source of natural, traceable cosmetic actives.

The company’s new research has shown that endophytes can be explored as ‘bio-factories’ of natural bioactive compounds.

Bringing a new concept to the table

David Manzano, Provital’s R&I Manager, who led the discovery, said:

“We have developed an interesting platform to isolate actives from a totally different natural source. Everyone knows about the microbiome and its impact on human health, but what’s lesser known is the microbiome of plants.”

He continued: “Endophytes are internal microbiome of plants and are symbiotic and very important for plant defence and survival. We are doing this systematic approach for the first time; to develop cosmetics from this specific microbiome of plants. I think is going to be a new concept.”

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