Industry expert reacts to Puig acquisition of Dr. Barbara Sturm

Puig recently announced its acquisition of a majority stake in premium skin care brand Dr. Barbara Sturm. As confirmed by Puig, the brand’s founder, and namesake will remain active in its product development as Chief Product Development Officer and Brand Ambassador.

In announcing the acquisition, Puig maintained that it reinforces its “competitive position in the premium skincare segment by welcoming a globally recognized luxury cult brand developed through its digital channels and worldwide spa and boutiques network, offering high-performance treatments with deep expertise in skin care.”  

For insight into the industry reaction to the acquisition, including the acquisition’s significance to the luxury skin care product market, its potential industry impact on cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers and suppliers, and the insights that can be gained on the consumer mindset, CosmeticsDesign spoke to industry expert Chris Bustamante, DNP, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and founder of Lushful Aesthetics.

Bustamante has years of experience in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist for retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s, and MAC, and has also worked in digital marketing for an e-commerce beauty brand.

Acquisition significance to luxury skin care market

About Puig’s acquisition of Dr. Barbara Sturm and its potential impact on other luxury skin care brands, Bustamante shared that “this may be the beginning of a pivotal change that will demonstrate the awareness that luxury skincare brands know their brands are no longer perceived as desirable or necessary.” Further, he added, “I believe this public change is those brands now displaying that there will be some modifications to match the changing needs and wants of consumers.” 

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