'It Doesn't Work': Kevin McCarthy Throws Hardliners Under The Bus

The House is done voting for the week while we’re trying to avoid a government shutdown. Again. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Republican hard-liners have not agreed as the shutdown deadline is looming. The folks within McCarthy’s own party are doing this, and he can’t control the monster he helped to create. But he did have some harsh words for them when speaking to reporters on Thursday.

“Frustrating in the sense that I don’t understand why anybody votes against bringing the idea and having the debate,” McCarthy said. “And then you’ve got all the amendments that you don’t like to do.”

“This is a whole new concept of individuals that just want to burn the whole place down,” he added. “It doesn’t work.”

The Freedom Caucus isn’t “new.”

I don’t know, Kev. Maybe you can call Nancy Pelosi for some advice. She loves this country and would probably want to help. Because earlier this week, McCarthy said, “It’s hard to pass anything in this place.” I don’t remember Pelosi complaining; she had to pass things with the help of progressives. That’s how you do Speaker-y things.

On Thursday, the House failed for the second time this week to bring up the Republican defense spending bill up for debate, in another embarrassing moment for McCarthy.

Psst! Talk to Nancy.

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