Jim Jordan On Biden Informant: 'Maybe The Guy Did Lie — I Don't Know'

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) admitted that former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov may have lied when he tried to connect President Joe Biden to allegedly corrupt business dealings.

During a Sunday interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo noted that Smirnov had twice been arrested for making false statements after Republicans used intelligence he provided to the FBI to attack Biden.

“Chairman Jordan, I find it really stunning that Smirnov gets indicted, and they say that it’s because he got information from Russians, and it was not true,” Bartiromo said. “You all have been unable to pin anybody down about what we know to be true now, that the Russia collusion story was a lie and that Steele dossier was made up.”

“How come Christopher Steele was never indicted?” she asked.

“Yeah, no kidding, he continued to get paid after they found out what he told the FBI wasn’t true,” Jordan opined. “And of course, now we have this Smirnov guy, and he gets indicted and arrested not once but twice.”

“Here’s the interesting thing about Smirnov, David Weiss, the guy who’s been investigating Hunter Biden for now almost five years, David Weiss had this information, the [FBI 1023 form] back in 2020,” he continued. “What did he do for the last three years? What did he do for the last three and a half years? Why didn’t he look into it before?”

But Jordan admitted he did not know if Smirnov was telling the truth about Biden’s business dealings.

“And now, maybe the guy did lie, I don’t know,” the Ohio lawmaker said. “The other thing is, as you point out, in 2016, it was Trump-Russia collusion. We found out that was garbage.”

“In 2020, it was, oh, the laptops of Russian information operation,” he added. “We knew that was garbage. And now here we go the third time, one more time, they’re bringing out this story.”

“Again, maybe this Smirnov guy did lie to him. We’ll have to see.”

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