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Discover the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), the key partner to accessing the largest network of Web3 gaming professionals. A global, non-profit, community-focused organization with over 500 trailblazing company members across the globe, BGA members range from game studios, infrastructure, tooling, marketplaces, chains, IP licensing and more, covering a broad spectrum across the Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Our aim: To support our members to gain visibility at some of the most prominent conferences worldwide, giving members the opportunity to gain exposure, leverage speaking opportunities, network and collaborate with other BGA members and make new industry connections.

BGA: Supporting the Web3 gaming ecosystem

Guided by experts in the industry, BGA was founded in 2018 to bring builders together to collaborate and build the future of blockchain gaming, share knowledge and create industry standards. The Alliance was founded by key industry players hailing from Ubisoft, Yield Guild Games (YGG), Sky Mavis, EverdreamSoft and Delphi Ventures, among others. Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox, was elected President of the BGA in 2020 and ranked fourth in the Top 100 Most Influential People in Crypto by Cointelegraph in 2022.

BGA organizes many activities throughout the year to support its members — the primary way we work with our members is by attending various key events throughout the year, strategically hosting booths at major conferences from GDC San Francisco, Consensus Austin, and, more recently, Gamescom Cologne and TOKEN2049 Singapore. At each event, we invite several members to demo their games and showcase their products and services at the BGA booth. For example, at Gamescom, Europe’s leading trade fair for digital games culture, we had 19 members showcasing 21 different projects throughout the conference. This year, BGA is excited to participate in GamesBeat Next in San Francisco, 24-25 October 2023, with a booth to meet and greet attendees, share our mission and invite members of the alliance to demo their games and products. Come and meet us there.

BGA members network, collaborate and keep abreast of activities in a private members’ group on Telegram and Discord. BGA also provides an educational platform for industry professionals to find relevant information about building in Web3 and other forms of content to showcase games and capitalize on solutions our members are developing. Through online activities and meetups, BGA facilitates a space for visibility and tackling trending topics, such as panel discussions, demo days and a weekly newsletter.

Blockchain gaming: State of the Industry Survey 2023

The BGA also conducts an annual survey of blockchain gaming industry professionals. Now in its third year, the survey is designed to assess the personal perspectives of industry professionals on the state of blockchain gaming to gain a yearly snapshot of the industry’s condition, advancements and trajectory. The yearly report serves as a valuable resource for the industry as well as investors, the media, researchers, educators, policymakers, regulators and government leaders, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry’s current status with critical insights into its health, growth, emerging trends and potential areas of risk.

Since its inception, the BGA has engaged Web3 advisory firm Emfarsis to conduct the survey, analyze the responses and compile the report, which covers topics such as adoption, growth, careers, innovation and other developments. DappRadar also partners with the BGA and Emfarsis to provide key takeaways over the year regarding sector funding, on-chain activity and engagement in blockchain games across a range of protocols. The 2023 report will be released in mid-December.

Read the BGA 2022 Member Survey and Report here.

Key takeaways 2022

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Read the BGA 2022 Member Survey and Report here.

Key takeaways 2021


Read the BGA 2021 Member Survey and Report here.

What is your opinion on the current state and future trajectory of the industry?

We value your insights and would like to share the opportunity to give your feedback on the current state and future trajectory of the industry.

As part of its mission to represent diverse viewpoints, the BGA is calling upon a broad spectrum of industry roles to respond to the survey with their thoughts and opinions. Eligible roles include (but are not limited to) founders, developers, publishers, venture capital, and service providers in legal, finance, marketing, and PR within blockchain gaming. Journalists and content creators actively covering blockchain gaming are encouraged to complete the survey. Esports players signed to a competitive guild or receiving financial support in the form of a salary or sponsorship are also eligible.

Take advantage of the opportunity to have your say and be a driving force in the Web3 gaming revolution. Fill in the survey and make your mark on this year’s report. Your voice is the key to unlocking innovation, progress, and possibilities in the blockchain gaming space.

2023 BGA Report for VB

How to join us

We are building a global alliance, and together, we are working toward mass adoption of blockchain technology to catapult Web3 to the forefront of the gaming industry. If you would like to join forces with a worldwide collective of over 500 members innovating their way to the future, get in touch with us to learn more about membership and our work.

We believe that together, we are stronger!

Sebastien Borget, President – Blockchain Game Alliance.

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