Join The Ultimate Guided Tour of Marrakech, With Julia Green + Jono Fleming!

Join The Ultimate Guided Tour of Marrakech, With Julia Green + Jono Fleming!


by Lucy Feagins, Editor

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A visit to Beldi Country Club!

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The luxurious El Fenn.

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Your tour guides and fabulous hosts, Julia Green and Jono Fleming!

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Poolside at Le Riad Yasmine.

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Your accommodation for the trip!

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Julia and Jono will take you to explore the sites, smells and colours of the maze-like souks.

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And explore the local ceramicists!

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LRNCE concept store.

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And bask in golden hour!

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Le Riad Yasmine

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The Musee Yves Saint Laurent 

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A trip to Morocco wouldn’t be complete without experiencing sunset in the desert.

Having spent more than 30 years visiting Morocco, Julia Green sure knows her way around. And when she’s not travelling for pleasure, or sourcing textiles and homewares for her store and her clients, Julia is the ultimate tour guide.

‘I have been taking small group trips to Marrakech for six years now’, explains Julia. ‘The last trip I was accompanied by Jono Fleming, and the overwhelming feedback was what a fab duo we made as hosts, and I think our overall highlight was watching 12 guests have the best time of their lives!’

I must admit, as an avid follower of Jono’s Instagram, I was quite literally glued to his feed earlier this year, when he joined Julia on her most recent trip. From ancient architecture, to shopping for incredible local textiles and ceramics, to rooftop drinks, garden parties, desert glamping and even sunset camel rides (!), the trip looked absolutely epic. So, I’ve decided to jump on their next one in May 2024!

So, what can next year’s attendees expect? Well, as Julia explains, it’s almost impossible to distil the itinerary down to just a few highlights.

‘There is SO much to be excited by, every day will deliver a beautiful new surprise, and that’s a promise!’ Julia enthuses. ‘We will head to some amazing new shopping destinations that are largely unknown and off the beaten track. For the foodies amongst us, the private dining experiences on rooftops like El Fenn are bound to impress!  The riads and accomodation we hire will leave jaws on the floor, and of course our trip to the desert will leave a lifelong impression. It is an entirely curated experience where we have cherry picked the best that Marrakech has to offer, and rolled it all into eight luxurious days of travel!’

Personally, I’m most excited to visit the studio of famed Marrakech-based designer Lrnce, as well as hopefully picking up a few local ceramics and maybe even a rug at one of the local souks. I’m also dying to visit the Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech, take some selfies in a mosaic-studded riad courtyard, experience that magical Marrakech golden hour light that infuses so many of these photographs — and soak up Julia and Jono’s infectious enthusiasm for this dream bucket-list destination!

Julia and Jono’s Style Morocco 2024 tour will take place from 7  – 14 May, and places are capped to just 12 guests — tickets are on sale from today!

If you miss out, or timing isn’t quite right – head to this link and join the mailing list to keep in the loop on future trips.

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