Kia EV3 primed as Soul successor with 400 miles of range

It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether the eM will accommodate 800V rapid-charging hardware, though. Notably, the EV5 revealed recently uses a 400V system – although that figure applies to the Chinese-market model, to be built locally, and it’s possible that Kia could also build the EV5 elsewhere for sale in other global markets, using bespoke underpinnings with different attributes. 

Being sized to take on the Jeep Avenger, Mini Aceman and Peugeot e-2008 will make pricing core to the EV3’s positioning, and it stands to reason that Kia could keep its pricing accessible by reserving top-level charging and performance for its larger, more expensive EVs.

A crucial development for the eM platform will be the introduction of a new standardised approach to component sharing across model lines. 

The Hyundai Motor Group said: “By standardising the batteries and electric motors, for example, which currently vary across each EV model, the company will flexibly apply common components to each vehicle, thus efficiently expanding its line-up.”

Furthermore, a new integrated vehicle controller unit will make for “more systematic and efficient” software upgrades for each car and allow Hyundai and Kia to better tailor each of their models to specific global markets, with bespoke features and varying performance.

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