Lara Trump: Felon 45's Supporters Will Remain Calm If He's Locked Up

Trump supporters are not known for remaining “calm,” especially after January 6th. We know the lengths they would go to to protect Felon 45, and they have committed violence in the past. Lara Trump is ignoring the calls for violence that we’re hearing after 45’s criminal conviction. Lara was asked by CNN’s Kasie Hunt how Trumpers would react if the orange aberration is locked up.

“This judge, who you just criticized extensively, is the person that is going to decide whether or not the former president will go to jail,” Hunt said. “What should Donald Trump supporters do if that happens?”

“Well, they’re gonna do what they’ve done from the beginning, which is remain calm,” Lara Trump said.

Sure, you go with that, you absolute walnut.

Rolling Stone reports:

The news that the former president was found guilty on 34 different felony counts did not sit well with Stew Peters, a far-right shock jock who has frequently called for executing government officials, Biden family members, and journalists.
Reacting to Trump’s conviction Thursday on Telegram, Peters claimed that the judicial system has been “weaponized against the American people,” adding: “We are left with NO other option but to take matters into our own hands. ⚔” Leaving no doubt about what the crossed swords emoji signified, Peters soon posted a picture of a noose overlaid with the words “Extreme Accountability.” He added the text: “It’s Time.”

The Columbus, Ohio, chapter of the Proud Boys also responded on Telegram to the news of the Trump verdicts with a single word: “War.” That post was shared by the state chapter of the Proud Boys, which also posted an image that read: “PB Standing By” — a reference to Trump’s call on the group to “stand back and stand by” during a 2020 election debate.

Former “Stop the Steal” ringleader Ali Alexander was somewhat more subtle. He posted on Telegram that Trump’s felony convictions were “worse than the Civil War.” He also posted an upside down image of the American flag — a distress symbol appropriated by the Jan. 6 rioters — with the words: “No one is coming to save us. We must.”

At The Donald, a Reddit-like forum for the former president’s most hardcore supporters, the chatter was extreme. One post was titled: “We no longer have a viable country. We are now living under more tyranny than ever existed even in 1776.” Commenters added fuel to the fire with statements like: “Our forefathers would be stacking bodies by now,” and: “Ready for the Call to Arms!”

ABC identified at least 54 criminal cases where Trump was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence, or allegations of assault.

Go fuck yourself, Lara. You’re part of the problem. The gaslighting from the right is off the charts.

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